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Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool Services

Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool’s purpose is to offer quality, affordable, educational child care solutions. We can only do this with the help of each and every family we serve, by supporting the growth, development, and education of your child/children and adhering to the policies and guidelines set forth by our staff. It is imperative that families and staff keep an open line of ongoing communication in order to make your child’s educational experience here in our facility a success!

Our main concern is for the children in our care. Within our program we work to foster independence and positive self-concept in each child. Staff strives to help each individual child develop his or her own special skills and talents to their fullest potential. Each child is considered to be a valuable individual in his or her own right and will be treated with respect. Environments are created where children grow to learn the value of education.

Along with fostering cognitive and physical development, ATCKC&P offers ample opportunity for children to experience socialization and group cooperation where they can develop their personal creativity and problem solving skills. 

All of the ATCKC&P’s staff looks forward to building a relationship of mutual support and cooperation with the families we serve. Please take a few minutes to carefully read the important information in this handbook.

What do the children do at Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool?

Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool is a cheerful and inviting place where children can grow and develop in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Children who attend Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool are involved in a variety of activities. Art, music, dramatic play, outdoor activities, science and other learning experiences that promote creativity and problem solving; a part of the center’s daily routine.  

Children are assigned to a classroom with other children who may be above and below their and developmental ability. Classrooms are designed to function as learning platforms for a range of developmental goals that are set forth for each child based on their potential. Preplanned activities are geared towards each age group that is present within the class. Children play outside on ATCKC&P’s large playground on a daily basis, weather permitting. Nutritious meals and snacks are served, unless other arrangements have been made.

After 12:00 p.m., children nap and/or rest according to state licensing requirements. After nap, ATCKC&P continues with planned developmental activities throughout the afternoon.

How does Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool program work?

Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool offers a child-oriented program. The children are provided with a variety of “hands-on” learning activities centered on playing and fun in a mixed age group setting. This allows for children to learn and develop at their own pace, but often much quicker because of the ability for the younger children to be amongst those who are more developed. The older children gain mastery of their concepts because they are leaders and an example for the younger children and therefore strive to learn more to continue to be at the “top of the class”.  

Children who have had the chance to learn in a scaffolding environment go on to primary school with skills and concepts far beyond the expectations of the state preschool curriculum standards. Our expectations are not the same for all children, but with higher expectations being ever present in a mixed age group setting, most children will surpass the expectations defined by their age/developmental level. We will continue to help children excel to whatever level of learning and development that can reach comfortably on their own. Once they have met the standards rather than allow them to remain idle/bored and unproductive we continue to raise the bar. 

Hands on experiences are the key to success. Not all children learn in the same way, but it is certain that when it comes to learning the 5 senses together and separately play an important role. Our classrooms provide hands on experiences in the following areas of play based learning.

Science & Exploration
Creative Art
Library & Story time
Music & Movement
Math & Manipulatives
Literacy (pre-reading & writing)
Blocks & Construction
Dramatic Play
Language Development
Social Studies
Technology (Computers & Listening Centers)
Outdoor Free Play and organized group games/activities

 Ones $240wk 
Includes Diapers and Wipes

 Twos $200/wk

oThis age is the beginning of a structured preschool program.
oThe staff works with the parent(s) to potty train the child as he or she shows signs of readiness.
oThe staff begins working with the children on self-help skills.

Threes $190/wk

The emphasis is on providing a group experience that encourages cooperation and developing an attention span.
The staff works with the children to develop independence.
The children are working on fine motor control and eye-hand coordination.
Dramatic play is an important component of this program.

 Fours $170wkVPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten-4yrs on or before Sept 1st)Free
minimum 3hr/day-total of 180 hours following the DCPS calendar.  
$170/wk for wrap around care-before and after VPK and days public school is closed with the exception of the major holidays our center is close

oThe focus of the program is kindergarten readiness. Reading, writing, math computations and beyond.
oThe activities provide stimulating learning experiences in the areas of language development, math, and science.
oChildren are introduced to letters and numbers, which evolves into phonological awareness and number sense 
oCooperative play is encouraged.

Curriculum and lesson plans are a regular part of a daily schedule, all children are assessed to pin point their level of development, to help individualize small group instruction.  

Drop in care by the day or the hour, call for details....(904)240-0947
Before and After care Service 
We currently offer before and after school care and full day care for school age children who attend Chimney Lakes, Sadie Tillis, Ortega, Venetia, Enterprise and Cedar hills, many private schools. Buses from these schools pick up and drop off at our centers door step.  Homework time, computer time, games and activities and outdoor play are part of their daily activities.  The cost of summer care may vary
For all of our preschool age children