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The 21st Century Approach
The digitally global market in which we live in is real.  We have to infuse new tools in the educational process if we are going help children become prepared for "life".    It is imperative that we provide a well balanced curriculum that will help children achieve academic success, critical thinking skills, and creativity.  We cannot expect yesterdays skills to help a child compete in the world today.  We have to offer a healthy, safe, engaging,  supportive, and  challenging education to give them a chance to compete in our ever diverse and fast paced society. 
About Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool
 It is your input that we use to provide services that meet your needs, so please feel free to ask us if we have a "solution".

Around the Clock Kid Care & Preschool is privately-owned and operated right here in Jacksonville, FL. by Mrs. Sernetra Manuel,  Other companies may offer similar services, but our delivery of quality educational child care is provided through our professional staff by way of their passion for Early Childhood Education, and our ability to meet the individual needs of each and every child all while having fun.
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We are dedicated to providing solutions to the child care needs of our clients who are real people with real lives, complimenting them by educating their "whole" child.